The Dark Light Beckons you to Stare into it's inky black depths

descend within

About Jason Barnett

Jason Barnett is a self-taught Painter and Designer from Dallas, TX, relocated to Portland, OR. His dark work is steeped in esoteric symbolism and personal Hermetic reflections. Working primarily in Oil and Mixed Media, Jason’s work has been used for Doom/ Death/ Punk album covers and has provided him the opportunity to work with some of his favorite bands and labels such as: Coffins, Noothgrush, Fistula, Accept Death, -(16)-, Grime, Kill The Client, Power Trip, DAŽD, Cleric, Middian, Raw Radar War, Deadbird, Fuck Yoga Records, Land O’ Smiles, Relapse Records, Tofu Carnage.

Hellish Visions

Penetrations of Darkness through oil painting. Available for illustrations, commissions, cover art, and all deviltry.


Walls With Eyes

Ritualistic Aerosol Summonings on any and all Monolithic Surfaces. Murals, small to large scale to invoke awe and terror.


The Devil’s Design

Web Design, Logo Design, T-Shirt Design, Print, Layout, Branding for brainwashing and all total World dominating purposes.



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